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Job Title: Project Coordinator

Based at: Seattle Neighborhood Group 1810 East Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98122

Reports to: Executive Director and Associate Director

Compensation: DOE and includes health benefits, vacation and sick leave. This is a part-time (30 hours/wk) salaried position. Salary range is $28,500-$32,250. Seattle Neighborhood Group is an equal opportunity employer.

Application: Send cover letter and resume to info@sngi.org by July 5th, 2017.

Job Purpose: Work to prevent crime and build community through partnerships with residents, businesses, law enforcement and other organizations.

Basic Requirements: This position requires effective communication skills including; excellent writing skills, effective verbal skills, presentation skills, and active listening. Must have an interest in working on a team to improve safety in Seattle communities. Willingness to learn is critical. Candidate must demonstrate the desire to work respectfully with many different communities. Please be proficient in Microsoft Office, specifically Word and Excel, and comfortable with the Mac Operating System. In addition, this position requires transport of meeting materials and requires the ability to lift twenty pounds and to navigate uneven surfaces. Work in the field requires a valid driver’ license, insurance and access to a vehicle. Work will occasionally be required in the evening or on weekends. Undergraduate degree desired but not required. Candidates must undergo a criminal background check, however criminal history will not necessarily preclude employment.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Support SNG’s Vision and Mission and uphold the Agency’s Core Values
  2. Member of SNG team managing agency crime hot spot projects (includes project planning)
  3. Conduct community outreach
  4. Coordinate community-based activities
  5. Deliver crime prevention education in diverse community settings*
  6. Conduct physical site assessments*
  7. Administer community surveys in diverse community settings*
  8. Coordinate sustainability planning as part of a team*
  9. Represent the agency professionally in the community
  10. Proactively learn, find, and understand crime information*
  11. Support agency events such as community festivals, night out activities, community clean up campaigns, informational booths

* SNG will provide training

Vision and Mission

Seattle Neighborhood Group envisions crime-free communities where people work together to solve problems, children play without fear and businesses thrive.

The Mission of the Seattle Neighborhood Group is to prevent crime and build community through partnerships with residents, businesses, law enforcement and other organizations.

Core Values

Seattle Neighborhood Group’s role as a leader in community safety requires all persons involved with Seattle Neighborhood Group to assume the responsibility of maintaining the public’s trust. To fulfill this obligation to the community and ourselves, our Core Values provide the foundation on which we base our actions and decisions.


We act with the highest level of accountability, we provide fair, accurate and honest disclosure of information, and we treat all individuals in a fair and responsible manner, inspiring the highest level of trust within our communities.


We embrace diversity. We understand that Seattle Neighborhood Group is strong as an organization because of the respect, dignity, and value we give to all individuals, and because we aspire to involve people from all segments of our communities in every aspect of our work.

Teamwork and Communication

We value teamwork. We believe building trust among each other produces the best results. We believe that when we promote and practice effective communication we will build an even stronger team that will make a difference in our community and the people we serve.

Community Collaboration

We successfully impact the challenges facing our communities through our spirit of collaboration. We are successful conveners, bringing together and working with the community.

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