Safety Products

There are some basic, straightforward steps everyone can take to make neighborhoods safe. Mostly, we keep our neighborhoods safe by getting to know one another, making sure no suspicious activities are happening on our streets, and reporting illegal activities when we see them. Sometimes though, we need a little extra help. SNG offers a handful of safety products that cost little, but have a big impact on safety!

Reducing Loitering is possible by posting Conditions of Entry Signs that have the proper legal code for the State of Washington, along with the required agreement with the Seattle Police Department.

Auto theft and car prowl are some of the highest occurring crimes in Seattle. Please consider purchasing a steering wheel lock anti-theft device to make your car less of a target for auto-related crimes.

Landlords who are equipped with the excellent crime prevention information in SNG's Landlord Handbook are better prepared to screen tenants properly, as well as follow through with effective problem solving techniques. This handbook is offered as part of SNG's Landlord Workshops, but can be purchased separately.

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