No Trespassing Sign

You Can Control Entry to Your Property!

If you are a business owner or manager, you can help eliminate criminal trespass on your property by posting the Conditions of Entry Sign in conjunction with a signed agreement with Seattle Police Department. This is an effective approach for retail businesses and commercial properties who may have uninvited people on their property when owners or managers aren't present. View the full text of the Seattle Municipal Code pertaining to Criminal Trespass.

Signs are $7.50 each when you order via PayPal, and $10 each via mail order or purchased at SNG. If you would like to purchase signs at SNG, please call ahead. Final price also includes Shipping & Handling and 9.6% WA State Sales Tax.

To properly enforce the Criminal Trespass Ordinance you must:

  • notify the potential trespasser verbally or with a clearly posted sign that he/she may not be on the property.
  • maintain a written agreement with your local Seattle Police Dept. precinct to allow officers to enforce the City of Seattle Criminal Trespass Code.

Take These Two Steps to Control Entry:


SNG No Trespass agreement formContact your local SPD Precinct to obtain the Trespass Warning & Enforcement Authorization Form


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The trespass warning program is only for businesses open to the public and does not include residential properties. Unfortunately there is not a Trespass Program that extends to apartment buildings or residential properties. Unless there is a residence that is vacant and the property owner is available to sign a Vacant Building Trespass Warning & Enforcement contract. Apartment/condo complexes still do not apply to this program.

For now the protocol for apartment/condo buildings and residential properties (if they have criminal trespass problem that requires an officer to respond), call 911, otherwise call the non-emergency number 206-625-5011.

If you have any questions, or need help finding the correct contact information for your local SPD precinct, please call us at:
Seattle Neighborhood Group: 206.323.9666
or contact SNG via email.

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