Seattle Neighborhood Group Publications

As we work in the greater Seattle area, we are always learning about the special kinds of information people need about public safety. Information that supports communities in becoming safer can range from instructions on how to paint out graffiti to resource handbooks on keeping rental properties crime free. Often outreach materials and resources exist that meet those needs, but sometimes the needs are special in some way, and there is nothing out there that helps. We can step in and answer those needs by developing materials and distributing them where they are most needed. Our staff and agency partners are valuable people with expertise, and often assemble information for special topics and events.

When we assemble and publish a resource for the community to use, we check on it frequently to make sure that it is accurate and that it contains the most up to date and best information. We also check on our publications to see if they still meet the needs of our communities.

Here are our current publications:

Landlord's Handbook for creating and maintaining crime free and safe rental housing.
image of SNG's Legislative Bulletin
Washington State Legislative Bulletin for Public Safety Issues, updated weekly during the legislative session.
If you would like to receive the bulletin via email please contact SNG and we will add you to the email list.
911 brochures in 12 languages Trespass Warning Sign Workshops Crime Prevention Education Team