Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

house with good CPTED attributes
SNG helps people learn how to use the natural features of their environment to keep property safe.

We don't usually notice when the places we go in our daily lives make us feel safe, but we certainly do notice when a place makes us feel unsafe. Environmental features can contribute to our feelings of safety or danger, and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) can help us alter places that give us those "unsafe" signals.

Seattle Neighborhood Group offers CPTED services citywide, with an emphasis on the Central Area, Southeast Seattle, West Seattle, and White Center. SNG Staff will make a site visit, take photographs, collect anecdotal information from property users, and generate an illustrated CPTED report for the site.

SNG enjoys working with businesses as well as those in charge of apartment properties to use CPTED principles to guide renovations and alterations that benefit the properties. Our CPTED practitioners also work in partnership with several City of Seattle departments to work on making public places like parks safer. We also work with private property owners in neighborhoods that have higher than usual safety needs.

If you are interested in receiving some CPTED documentation or a CPTED survey, please contact us.

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