Crime Prevention Education Team

Our Crime Prevention Education Team works with Seattle communities, immigrants, seniors, and low-income housing. The staff on the team bring many years of expertise to their work, and connect quickly and easily with audiences to deliver high value information about safety.

The team teaches through "SNG Crime Prevention Presentations" which emphasize participation and demonstration. The presentations run about 30 minutes in length, and we can bring interpreters along when we work in groups of people who have languages other than English as their home language.

Seattle Neighborhood Group offers these presentations free to Seattle communities, immigrants, seniors, or low-income residents.

Safety Training session
SNG educator Allan Davis facilitates a SNG Crime Prevention workshop

SNG Crime Prevention Presentations

  • "Calling 9-1-1" teaches how to call for emergency help in English and other languages using the "Calling 911" cards in translation.
  • "Personal Safety" teaches you how to protect yourself from crime
  • "Suspicious Activities" How to recognize and report suspicious activities
  • "Vehicle Security" How to protect your car from crime
  • "Identity Theft & Fraud" How to prevent yourself from identity theft and what to do if you become a victim

We offer brochures with more information in the SNG Safety Publications.

If you know of a group of people who would benefit from learning these safety skills, contact us to find out more and schedule a presentation.

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