Seattle Neighborhood Group Services and Workshops

Over the last twenty-five years, SNG has learned a lot about how to tackle some really tough neighborhood safety problems. We have a lot of information and tools of the trade at our disposal, and we are eager and happy to share them!

Some kinds of neighborhood crime issues call for more than one approach. We are able to offer staff who have exceptional skills at bringing people together, and who can also give specific information and training to people in a variety of crime prevention techniques that can help those working on the problems.

We offer workshops for landlords who want to keep their properties crime free; Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) surveys for physical sites that pose challenges to the safety in a neighborhood; and training for people new to using 911 so crimes can be reported.

If your group is working on neighborhood safety issues, we can also help you with support, information, and if you need it, Startup Mentoring and Administration. We have lots of information at our disposal, and often present to groups on a variety of subjects. If you have a group that needs more information on a crime related topic, or that needs any other service that we offer, please contact us!

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