Seattle Neighborhood Group Projects

Peace Circle sculpture by Gerard Tsutukawa in Seattle's Lid Park
In 1992, "Stop the Violence", a local community group organized a gun buy-back program with the help of SNG. This sculpture "Urban Peace Circle" by Gerard Tsutakawa (1994) was dedicated to the youth and the buy-back project.

Our agency supports a variety of projects in neighborhoods all over Seattle. We have dedicated staff for most geographic regions of Seattle. These staff coordinate projects in these areas that fall under our mission, like supporting neighbors who are experiencing nuisance activities, helping coordinate large clean-ups, offering community-based trainings about public safety, even supporting community celebrations that bring neighbors together. These project coordinators are skilled in many areas and can help neighbors work on a diverse set of neighborhood issues.

Another project SNG offers is our Crime Prevention Education Team, a dedicated group of staff who work especially with immigrant, low-income, and senior communities that are at risk as targets for criminals. This team specializes in teaching basic, effective, accessible safety skills that people need to use every day, in many situations.

Some other populations are the focus of other SNG projects. Our staff coordinate public safety help to Seattle's large East African Community. We serve another population through our Get Off The Streets (GOTS) Project which helps those involved in "street life" transition to stable housing and positive life choices.

SNG manages special projects as well, and staff are especially equipped to help out. These projects can be anything from Community Clean-Ups, to initiatives like Drug Market Initiative, or long-term projects like Drug Free Communities.

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